10 Practical Tips On How To Stop Caring What Others Think

how to stop caring what others think

Today in this article, you discover 10 practical tips on how to stop caring what others think which will help you break free from this prison which has imprisoned so many people.

As humans, it’s natural to worry or care about how others think of us due to our social nature which has been hard-wired in us from birth.

We often worry about how our friends, family members, workmates, and society will think of us when we make certain decisions in life.

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But worrying about what others think of us could be the main reason which prevents us from doing what’s best for our lives for the fear of being judged.

Unfortunately, if you want to live a life which is true to yourself and reach greater heights in your life you never imagines, you need to let go of what others think of you.

Of course, this isn’t easy especially if those people are your friend or family member. For this reason, I will give you 10 tips which will help you stop caring what other people think of you.

How To Stop Caring What Others Think – 10 Tips

Without wasting much of your precious time, let’s look at 10 ways on how to stop caring what other people think of you which is none of your business anyway.

1. You Came Alone In This World

This is one of the strong reasons as to why you shouldn’t waste your time worrying about what others think of you.

Always remember that you came as an individual in this world and you will die alone with no one to escort you anyway on your deathbed.

So many people forget the fact that they came alone in this world and waste their time and precious energy which they such direct somewhere else by worrying about what other people think of them.

how to stop caring what others think

By the way, the people you constantly worry about don’t even know you personally and are just complete strangers to you with nothing in common.

So, when you find yourself constantly worried and obsessed about what other people, always remember that those people you are worried about won’t be with you on your dying day.

2. You Are Under No Obligation To Live Up To Other People’s Expectations.

Another reason as to why worrying about what other people think about you is simply a waste of time as you are not obliged to live up to anyone’s expectations.

Living up to other people’s expectations or that of society will just eventually lead to sorrowful regrets later on in life and in the world to come when all is said and done with your earthly life.

Since, you not obligated to live according to the expectations of others, don’t be afraid to make life choices which you know will help you grow even if people around you disagree with them.

So many times, we try to live which are expected of us by society and others but by doing so we miss out a lot on what life has to offer.

Since childhood & kindergarten, we were raised to fit into these black and white expectations of society and not taught to be different or embrace the unique gifts we bring into this world.

But if you want to live the life you were authentically meant to live, you need to stop trying to live up to everyone’s expectations of you of when you are not obliged to live by, anyway.

As Frits wonderfully puts it in his quote which states,” I didn’t come in this world to live up to your expectations nor did you come to live up to mine. You are you and I am me.

That quote by Fritz is what you must remind yourself of every day or tell anyone who wants you to conform to their expectations or subjective preferences.

3. People Don’t Even Think About You At All

Sad but true, people don’t even think about you at as you may want to believe as they are too busy with their own lives and issues to be concerned about you even for a second.

As you age, this is something you will begin to realize that the people you were obsessed with were not even thinking about you all this time.

The images you have about people thinking about you are simply just fictitious narrative we create in our minds that people are always thinking about us or interested in our actions.

Very often, our decisions or life choices are hugely influenced by what others or society may think of us when we make those big life decisions.

But hear is the hard reality if all this dear reader out there reading this now is that people are indifferent and simply don’t care.

Just like you, their main concern is on themselves and their own egoistic needs. So, remove all those false narratives you have created in your mind that people think about you all the time which isn’t true at all.

Start doing what’s best for you and your life goals regardless of what others may think of you and lets all the other things fade away into the vast expanses of the universe.

4. You Won’t Have To Answer To Anyone When Your Life Comes To An End

Perhaps this is the best tip I can give you on how to stop caring what others think about you as to why you must stop caring what others think of you starting today.

In the end, you won’t have to answer to anyone for that matter for the life choices you made in your lifetime or on how you lived your life.

Screw what others think about you which is none of your business by the way and start living the life you truly want to live.

If people all of the sudden become judgmental and critical of your life’s choices, just ignore them and throw them by the wayside as you won’t answer to them.

When your brief life here on earth comes to a conclusion, you will only answer to two people and these people are yourself and to the one who gave you this gift of life, you take for granted.

Are you hear men dear reader out there? Yes, you will only have to answer to two individuals when you die and no one else.

Therefore, stop trying to impress everyone or making life decisions for the sake of pleasing others who you won’t even answer to, anyway.

Starting from today, you should stop worrying about what other people think of you as you wild only answer o God and yourself with your life and how you lived it.

5. You Can’t Please Everyone In Life

True indeed, you just can’t please everyone in this life and no matter how good you hare, there will always be someone from the bush who won’t like you for no apparent reason.

Trying to please everyone who even can’t even be pleased in life just creates unnecessary stress for you and just drains your energy.

Sometimes, these people we are trying to please could be people closed to us like friends or family members who may want us to do certain things or make certain choices in life which are in line with their expectations of us.

And if you make decisions which are not in line with their expectations, they will be disappointed that we didn’t do what they expected us to do.

This can become a trap and is a trap for many people out there who want to pursue their dreams or a different career path that people closed to them are not in agreement with.

But remember, only you know what’s best for you and no one be it friends or family members can dictate to you what they subjectively think is best for your life.

So many people today waste their time & energy trying to please other people instead of doing things which makes them happy.

Remember, life is simply too short to live a fake existence just to please other people or society who won’t even matter in the end, mind you.

For this reason, you shouldn’t waste your time trying to please people or trying to get their approval for what you do as you don’t need any of that.

6. One Day You Will Be Gone

This is perhaps the greatest reminder you can remind yourself of when you face the fear of what others may think of you when you want to do certain things or make certain decisions with your life.

If today was your last day being alive, you wouldn’t spare a second thought about worrying about what others will think about you or other people’s opinions and judgment of you.

Instead, you would pursue your goals and dreams you are afraid of pursuing right now for the fear of how others will think of you with intense passion & enthusiasm.

My question is why can’t you do just that today? The probable answer to that questions is that you are not living with that self-awareness that one day you will be gone in a flash of lightning.

And that in the end, nothing will matter in the end only how you lived your life and whether you accomplished your purpose or you wasted it trying to please other people’s expectations.

To get out of the people-pleaser trap, you need to start living with self-awareness starting right now if you have not been doing so that one day you will be gone.

When you do so, my friend, you will start truly living and being happy and the fear of what other people think of you will no longer be relevant anymore.

7. No One Knows You Better Than Yourself

Another reason you shouldn’t care about what other people will think of you when you make a certain decision is that no one really knows you better than you know yourself.

Yes, there some people out there think they know you but in reality, they don’t even know you at all which is reflected in their judgmental attitude towards you.

Remember, your life doesn’t have to agree with anyone else out there as we are all different individuals and everyone’s life journey is different.

It’s ok if you make life decisions which don’t agree with the people around you including those who are close to you who may not understand what you are really unto.

Be free to make your own life choices as long as those choices are not sinful or evil and you know will add value to your own life & help you grow which in turn will add value to others.

Initially, some people will disagree with your life decision but that’s ok but when they start seeing the radiant joy & happiness you radiate from your heart as a result of living authentically, they will eventually be inspired to do so as well.

You living authentically, exactly the way you want to live with zero margins of error will paint a clear picture for everyone around you to see and show others how to live.

8. Life Is Short & You Only Live Once

Yes, you hear me, life is simply too short to be worried about what other people think of you who you won’t even be with on your dying day.

Always remember that you only live once and there are no second chances once you miss this opportunity beyond the grave.

Life isn’t like a video game where you are given three or four lives to take your chances. In a video game, if you screw once, there are second chances for you to try again.

With life, however, no second chances whatsoever once you miss this opportunity to live the life which is true to yourself or a life of meaning or purpose, its game over.

No second chances or lives like in a video game. All you will have are regrets and wishing you had done things differently or never worried about what others thought of you.

So, always remind yourself of this daily that you only live life once & life is short with only one short to make in the count to waste it on what others think of you.

9. No One Can Live Life On Your Behalf

The fact that no one in this world can live life on your behalf is what must motivate you to stop caring what people think of you.

Those people you are worried about can’t even live life on your behalf. They too have their own lives to live as well.

So, free yourself from the people pleaser prison which has imprisoned so many people from doing what they what to do for the fear of being judged or not fitting in.

Don’t allow the fear of judgment or rejection hinder you from making decisions or doing things which will help you grow individually regardless of what other people say.

This could be making a major career change or any other important life decision. In such situations, people will doubt & criticize your decisions if they are outside their comfort zone.

But always remember this, no one can live life on your behalf or dictate what they think is best for you based on their subjective life experiences which don’t apply to you at all.

10. You Are Unique & No-one Can Be You

The last tip I can give you which will help you stop caring what other people think about you is that you are unique and there is one like you no one will ever be you in this world and beyond.

When you start embracing this amazing truth that no one can be you, other people’s opinions and perceptions of you will become irrelevant.

Your uniqueness is indeed your birthright as well as one of the greatest divine blessings and power you have been gifted with from above.

If you don’t embrace your uniqueness and try to live a fake existence to please others or for the fear of what other people think, you will never be truly happy both in this lifetime & beyond.

In short, you will never discover your amazing quality and unique strengths and abilities you have been blessed with if you focus on being someone else.

Wrapping Up:

That’s all the 10 tips I had on how to stop caring what others think of you to help you live freely and on your own terms.

Always remember that you are unquote and no one can be you. For this reason, you shouldn’t be obsessed with what others may think when making certain life choices the people around you may not agree with.

So, take time to meditate & apply what you have learned in this article daily and when you do that, I can promise that you will be a completely different confident person in 30 days’ time.

In conclusion, kindly share this article if you found it helpful to everyone you know as they will benefit as well. As you know sharing is caring indeed. Cheers and have a blessed day.

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